ABOUT: Cherimoya is a collection of creative food-projects ranging from private chef and catering services, to medicinal food, to cross-polination of food with other art forms. More details about our services HERE.

ETHOS: For the love of food. Eating well is a delicate balance of eating healthy, nourishing, whole foods and delighting in the culinary riches of flavor and cuisine. Gleaning the most out of both worlds, Cherimoya focuses on fresh, organic, local, seasonal and grown-with-love foods, and cooking with inspiration from a wide variety of the world’s cuisines. Cooking and eating with love and passion is at the core of my beliefs.

Mojo Junction Megs Photo b&w

MEGAN: On a personal note, Cherimoya is my food-baby. It is a means for me to share my culinary passion and talent through a range of projects and services. I have been cooking avidly since I was a young teen and made it my mission to have cooking as a career without losing that fiery passion and creativity. I have travelled around the world collecting recipes, methods, flavors and ideas, exploring the boundaries of fusion foods, to form what is now my own cuisine. Bold, daring and bright might be words to describe it. I truly delight in cooking for others and hope to reach many hearts and inspire many appetites with my cooking!

FOOD FOR MEDICINE: Many people don’t realize just how literal the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is. In the most basic sense, we break down the foods we eat to their smallest form and turn them into every cell that makes up our body. Not only does it make up all tissues, but also affects things like our gene expression, moods and emotions, mental capacity, all of it! There are so many factors affecting our health within our modern lifestyle and environment but undisputedly, food is of the largest contributors. With the majority of doctors only receiving up 20 hours of nutritional education in their degree, the task of informing people about food & nutrition is high on the health agenda. Megan is currently undertaking studies as a nutrition consultant to support her culinary endeavours with a solid understanding of human nutrition.  We focus on getting as much nourishment from fresh, organic, whole foods as a foundation of human health.

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